Shared Arctic Association

The association comprises of ordinary members and sponsors members.

Ordinary and sponsor members can be natural or legal persons.


Membership Application

I/we support the goals of the Shared Arctic Association
and the Museum Cerny.contemporary circumpolar art (please indicate):


- as a full member of the association:

O Private Person CHF    200 .- / year

O Legal Person   CHF 1'000.- / year

- as a Sponsor member:

O Private Person CHF 1'000.- / year

O Legal Person   CHF 5'000.- / year



as a Friend of the Arctic  (not a member of the association)

O with the amount of  CHF _______


Title: __________Forename: ____________ Name: _______________________

Organisation/Institution/Firm: __________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________

Telephone: ______________________________________

Email: ________________________________________


Privacy Policy:
We only use your data for association purposes. It will not be passed to third parties.

Information at and on

Facebook & Instagram @ museumcerny

The Shared Arctic Association is a recognised non-profit institution.

Banking information:

Credit Suisse (CH) AG

8070 Zürich 

Verein Gemeinsame Arktis, Bern

IBAN: CH35 0483 5157 2054 5100 0